793 Caterpillar Tires
Ad Number # 8400

South Asia Port
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Tire Size: the same as Cat 793D tire, 40.00R57

They are not quick change wheels.

Rims are Cat original.
Tire Manufacturer (Torch)? Some tire are Torch, others has no brand on tires.

Serial Numbers? There is no S/N of the domestic tires.

We do not know the tire compound yet.

Manufacture: either Torch Brand and Hai’an Brand tires made in China.

Port name? Tianjin Port, nearby Beijing.
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Direct Contact: Sylvia Buckingham
Phone: 317 701 6422

A F Ohab Company
2346 South Lynhurst Drive
Indianapolis Indiana 46241

PHONE: 317 225 4740
FAX: 317 225 4381
EMAIL: info@afequip.com
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